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USB Wrist Band Charger for iPhone

Rose Red

Wear your charger cable in your hands!

This design combines 8pin-USB transmission lines and a fashionable bracelet. You can wear it in your hands or attach it on your bag for its two ends can be buckled up together. It can charge your mobile phones and other gadgets any time.

Product Features:

  • Standard USB 2.0 cable with high transmission speed
  • Uses high quality tinned oxygen-free copper as conductor
  • 28AWG core gold-plated joints offer great electrical conductivity
  • up to 480 Mbps ultra-fast transfer rate
  • detected by more than 3000 times anti-sway test
  • Charge and transmit data at the same time with maximum speed

Product Specifications:

Interface type: 8 pins / Micro USB
Length (approx): 22 cm
Material: TPF Silicone
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Rose, Green, White, Gray (Pick your favorite colors)


60-Day Money Back Guarantee*

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