Glam Glitter Case - Trovido

Glam Glitter Case

i5 Black
i5 Blue
i5 Gold
i5 Green
i5 Pink
i5 Purple
i5 Silver
i6 Black
i6 Blue
i6 Gold
i6 Green
i6 Pink
i6 Purple
i6 Silver

Made of beautiful genuine glitter, with accents of sparkles!

  • Function: Dirt-resistant
  • Model size: For iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S
  • Flexible and slim fit
  • Protects against dents and scratches
  • Covers all buttons and has bumper on face of the phone

N.B: Please allow 15-20 business days for delivery to the US or the UK, and 2-4 weeks for delivery to any other country.